Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blake Sleeps

Blake is in the process of giving up his nap.  He REFUSES to sleep in his bed in the afternoon, but he’ll fall asleep almost anywhere else.  Here are some of the random, and funny, places I’ve found Blake sleeping:

Middle of the living room floor.  4 other kids running and screaming around him.

photo 1
In the car.  This is his FAVORITE place to snooze.  Doesn’t matter the time of day. 

photo 5
In my bed.  This is at 8:30 in the morning.  He wakes up around 6:30, and by 8:30 he’d already run himself ragged! 

photo 3
At the zoo.  We’d given the kids some cotton candy, and he zonked mid bite.

He had a stinky diaper he neglected to tell me about, so he had to sleep on his stomach.

photo (1)
This is at Josh’s preschool mother’s day party.  There were 14 crazy preschoolers, moms, and lots of noisy siblings running around.  He slept in the beanbag for over an hour. 

This one is my absolute favorite.  We’ve been packing up the house in preparation for the big move, and he fell asleep inside one of the packing boxes. I have never laughed so hard! 


The Spigarelli Family said...

That's great! I love the last one, kids sure have a mind of their own.

Whitney said...

These are hilarious! Funny boy!

Ralph said...

He is an entertaing child, most of the time!