Sunday, February 26, 2012

An Angry Bird Sling

Whenever Rusty is out of town I take the kids to the mall to kill some time. (Rusty says that sounds awful, but it’s true). We have a routine—shopping , dinner at the food court, and then play in the dinosaur play land.  When he went to New York a few weeks ago it was no different.  We shopped, ate, and were happily playing on the dinosaurs.  All of the sudden I heard Josh bawling, and another mom say, “Oh no!”  I ran over and Josh was laying on the ground holding something that resembled his arm.  My brain wasn’t sure what I was seeing because although I knew it was his arm, the u-shaped bend in the middle was throwing me for a loop.  As soon as my brain could process normal thought I knew it was broken.  Someone ran and got the mall “paramedics.”  They had to be the most ill trained people in the world.  They just stood there and looked at me and said, “What do you think we should do?”  Ummm….get a sling or a splint to stabilize his arm??  Turns out they didn’t have any slings or splints in their first aid bag.  So, I improvised….with an Angry Bird Hat.  All my years of first aid training finally paid off :)


I feel really bad that I took this picture, but Rusty wanted to see the sling.

He broke both the radius and the ulna.
IMG_1242Pre Morphine

IMG_1244Post Morphine

I drove him to the ER, and Jamie met me there to take Halle and Blake home.  What would I do without good friends?  My other good friend Fred manages the ER at Good Sam’s where we went, and it was so nice to see a friendly face.  Josh actually handled himself very well.  He didn’t cry much, he just kept saying, “My arm feels weird!”  After many x-rays and many hours the orthopedist arrived to set his arm.  They had to sedate him, but the whole process only took a couple of minutes.  They gave him a little morphine, and so when he came out of sedation he was feeling GREAT.  He got a popsicle and they sent us home.  He was kind of giddy at this point and kept saying how fun everything was.  Fun for who, exactly? 


Grandma Banks and Grandpa Banks sent him some balloons and a teddy bear.  It made his day to get a “special delivery” just for him.


He has adjusted to his cast really well, and doesn’t complain about it much at all.  We are pretty impressed—Josh isn’t normally a very brave soul, but he has handled this like a champ!

Baby shower

Mom, Natalie and I threw Carlie a baby shower over Christmas break.  Thank you to the blogging world for providing the inspiration.  Thank you to my Mother for providing the funds :)

carlie baby shower EDIT


We served Soda Pop with cute paper straws, popcorn, cake pops, rice crispy treats (snap crackle and pop), “pop”ular spinach dip, and "pop” something healthy (veggie tray)


DSC_0394Cornell girlsSO glad not to be pregnantSee how happy I am NOT to be pregnant? 

Happy, Healthy Christmas

We had a Christmas Miracle this year—no one got sick on our trip to Utah!  I don’t think that has happened since Halle was born.  Because we were all healthy we had such a fun time!  Who knew Christmas could be so easy?  I usually come home so exhausted from traveling and taking care of sick kids that I can’t function for a week.  We had the usual Christmas Eve festivities at the Banks house—a yummy dinner (crab) and a cute little nativity program.  This year Halle played some Christmas songs on the piano.  She was so excited to play for her family, and she practiced for weeks.  She did a great job!  Opening presents with the cousins was total chaos, but it was so cute.  I know they are going to love looking back on these memories when they are older. 
DSC_0180 DSC_0194 DSC_0198 DSC_0200 DSC_0212 DSC_0214 DSC_0222

Christmas Morning was at the Cornell house.  With Natalie and Carlie both pregnant, we disbanded the tradition of sleeping together in the basement.  Maybe the cousins can resurrect that tradition when they get a little older :)

Santa came!  Waiting to go see their presents

Blake got a “puppy house” (He loves to pretend he’s a dog—his name is Butch) and a dragon pillow pet


Halle got doll bunkbed’s from Santa with two tiny zebra pillow pets for her dolls.  Mom and dad got her a new bike!

I’m sad I don’t have a good pic of Josh, but he got an ipod touch from Santa which is just about the greatest present he could ever hope for.  He stared at it in wonder and said, “I can’t believe Santa gave this to me, I’m just a kid!”
His other classic Christmas line came when he opened up his pillow pet.  All the kids already have big pillow pets, and they wanted mini ones this year.  Josh has a dog.  So, he opened up his mini dog and started jumping around and shouting, “My pillow pet has a son!  My pillow pet has a son!”  He cracks us up.  He named the son Miniche.
It was the perfect Christmas!