Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Penguins for the win!!!

It took 18 games and 2 1/2 seasons, but we finally got our win!  We won 2-0 in a stellar performance.  When I started coaching these girls, we had players who didn’t even know the names the all the positions.  They couldn’t dribble or complete any sort of passing sequence.  Now they are aggressive, tough, skilled players.  I could not be more proud to be their coach.  We have had so much fun together and learned so much together.  The week before the game our practice theme was “Release the Beast.”  And that’s exactly what they did.  Here’s to many more wins!!

IMG_5544   Top row: Annie (blondie), Alicia, Allison,Halle, Tara, Marty, Annie (brownie), Jenna (in the yellow penny), Evelyn.  Bottom row: Kaila, Ashley, Autumn.  IMG_5547Beast

It’s good to be Thirty-three

I know some people hate their birthday.  But I don’t mind getting older.  I keep hoping that THIS is the year I’ll figure life out :)  That hasn’t happened yet, but I’ll keep trying. 

I couldn’t have asked for a more fun birthday. Rusty thinks it’s funny that I planned my own party, but who better than me to know exactly what I’d like to do? 

I had a fantastic time eating my weekend-before-my-birthday dinner in the middle of a field.  I invited all my foodie friends and we ventured to Ollin Farms in Longmont where we enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared with mostly ingredients picked right on the farm. 

Carrot Lemonade to drink, artichoke dip, bruschetta, and turkey meatballs (made from the farm turkey—his name was Gobble.  I wish they would have left out that bit of info)   A delicious Kale and beet salad, and then a main course of lamb, chicken, summer squash, and potatoes.  The meal was finished perfectly with Cows Gone Coconut ice cream (yay for dairy free!) topped with raspberry compote and fresh Colorado peaches.  Our tummies were happy!

The ambiance was really beautiful, and the company couldn’t have been better.  We played musical chairs every course so we had the chance to sit by everyone before the night was through.  I went home that night feeling very blessed.  Thankful for the beautiful state that I live in.  Thankful for bounteous, fresh food to eat.  And most of all, thankful for beautiful friendships with some truly spectacular people. 

bday party at Ollin Farms

farm to table bday dinner

As if that wasn’t enough, on my actual birthday we packed the kids into the car for a drive down to the Botanic Gardens.  There was a special exhibit by David Chihuly that I have been dying to see.  He is an American artist who installs large glass blown sculptures in outdoor settings.  Blown glass is one of my favorite art mediums and this exhibit didn’t disappoint.  All the kids liked it, but I think Blake liked it the best.  He kept saying things like, “This reminds me of tigers in a jungle.” Or, “This makes me think about the ocean.”  I think I have a budding art critic on my hands!  We finished the night with my favorite treat.  Donuts.  No birthday is complete without them :)

Botanic Gardens Taras 33 bday

IMG_5598 IMG_5599 IMG_5619

Blake Sleeps

Blake Sleeps at breakfast on the cruise ship

Blake Sleeps at the BolderBoulder 10k

Blake Sleeps while coloring pictures

 Blake sleeps on the Esplanade in Boston

Blake wakes up 

Blake Sleeps on the ferry coming home from Harbor Islands

Blake sleeps in the back of Sweet, Sweet Freedom

Blake sleeps on the tramp on a perfect fall day

Blake sleeps at the swimming pool in Phoenix

And my personal favorite:  Blake sleeps on the way home from church

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Today at soccer he was playing against his good friend Truman.  They were head to head and his coach said, "Blake, take the ball away from Truman."  He sat down on the field and started crying saying, "I don't want to take the ball from Truman!  He is my friend!"

"Mom, this is what I would wear if I were going to a Rockies game at night."

And at church the other day he said, "Dad, why did Jesus invent chocolate factories?"  Rusty, not knowing what to say, said, "Because chocolate makes us happy and Jesus wants us to be happy."  Blake said, "Dad, I know about Heavenly Father's plan and CHOCOLATE ISN'T PART OF THE PLAN!!"