Monday, July 26, 2010

We have a Walker

We have a Walker, We have a Walker (sing this to the tune of "Follow the Prophet"--it's really fun!)
Blake is FINALLY walking. He's been teetering around for over a month, taking 5 steps here, 10 steps there, but he's now convinced walking is pretty cool stuff. He is so proud of himself, and sports a HUGE grin every time he walks across the room. There is nothing more precious than a new walker, with their stiff little knees, and wobbly bodies. I love it!
Welcome to the vertical world little Blake!
Here's a few videos for the Grandma's and Grandpa's:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

berry patch farms

We made the annual trip to Berry Patch Farms.  The kids had a great time picking strawberries and raspberries, digging for carrots, and making a lovely fresh flower bouquet. We also bought some other wonderful farm fresh veggies and the kids gobbled them up for dinner that night.  I need to take them to the farm more often! (Or grow a garden, but it actually seems easier to just go to the farm). It is such a fun thing to do, and I’d recommend it to anyone. 

berry patch farms

DSC_2543  DSC_2570


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beautiful Breckenridge


BlogFrog was helping sponsor the Savvy Blogging Conference last weekend in Breckenridge. Rusty was already going up there for the conference, so the kids and I decided to make the 2 hour drive into the mountains and join him for the weekend. The conference lasted until Sat evening, so the kids and I had Saturday to ourselves to explore the town. We went swimming at the hotel (always a favorite), had a picnic by the river (which turned into a very rainy picnic!) snuggled up and watched “Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Squeakquel” while we waited for the rain to pass, and then ate pizza at “Eric’s".” Yummy. The next day we got to take a family hike to see some horses (Halle’s favorite part), ride the gondola (Josh’s favorite part), and take another fun hike in search of some beavers. (Which we never found). But it was one of the least whiny hikes to date. So we’ll take it. Josh and Halle loved jumping on the bed and eating out all the time. We have decided that when we are BlogFrog gadzillionaires that we will have a second home in Breckenridge :)

Best Quote from the trip: Rusty was with the kids in the hot tub, and Halle said, "Dad, hot tubs are so romantic." What??? You're 6 Halle, no need for romance yet.


3 cute kids DSC_2457


Happy Birthday America!

We had quite the eventful 4th of July.  Brian, Sara and the kiddos came down to join us for our 3rd annual 4th of July get together.  We had a quick and yummy dinner, then headed to the golf course to let the kids play on all the bouncy castles, slides, etc.  On our way there we dropped off our blankets, cookies, sparklers, and an extra stroller in the spot where we were going to watch the fireworks.  Well….when we came back, everything was GONE.  We asked the people close by if they had seen anything, but they said there was nothing there when they arrived.  We searched all around hoping that some silly teenagers had hidden it, or strewn it around.  No luck.  The kids were so sad not to have their sparklers that it about broke our hearts.  We stayed to watch the fireworks and just sat on the grass, and all the kids were shivering without their blankets.  But, it was a great opportunity to talk about choices, and how our choices can effect others. We also talked about attitude.  We could choose to be sad and not enjoy the fireworks, or we could choose to move on and make the best of the situation.  The kids put on their brave faces despite their disappointment and we enjoyed the fireworks.  (for the most part) Khloee and Blake did great—neither of them cried at all.  Thanks Loveridges for making the drive and sharing in a memorable 4th!  (and sorry again about your stroller and blankets)

I stole these pics from Sara’s blog.  She bought the boys those fun hats, and made the girls some adorable flip flops.  Halle wears hers EVERYWHERE. 

 independence day 2010 copy


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Swinging Bridge

I love AF Canyon.  And my favorite place in AF Canyon is Swinging Bridge.  It is a fun little picnic site right next to the river.  We decided to take the kids and roast hot dogs and marshmallows on our last night in Utah.  It is so peaceful and relaxing in the mountains.  The kids had a blast carrying firewood, roasting over the fire, and getting very, very dirty.  It was fun to hang out with my brothers and sisters and catch up.  I love them all, and don’t get to be with them often enough.  I am lucky to be part of such an amazing family!

more swinging bridgeDSC_2239 DSC_2266  jackswinging bridge

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Princess Festival

While we were in Utah, all the Princesses in the family (Tara, Susan, Sharon, and Halle) attended the Princess Festival in Lindon.  It was one of the cutest things I have ever been to.  Halle got all dolled up as Snow White, and we had to help the Fairy Intelligence capture the wicked Snow Queen.  We traveled all throughout the land and met Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland, and I’m sure a few more I’m forgetting.  The little princesses got to help in special tasks to help save the kingdom, and at the end, they each tried on a glass slipper to see if they were a true princess.  The slipper fit Halle perfectly. (But we already knew she was a true princess!) This was the BEST mother/daughter/grandma day ever.  Halle also got a special frame and two princess dresses for her dolls.  Thanks to the Grandma’s for making this special day possible.

princess collage
DSC_2051   DSC_2141
Sipping tea with Alice, The Red Queen of Hearts, and the Mad Hatter

more princessesDSC_2096
DSC_2106  DSC_2121  DSC_2159
Sitting in Cinderella's coach. Dancing in the castle

Trying on the glass slipper 
Kissing the frog and trying to turn him into a prince

Flying with Tinkerbell. Complete with a Happy Thought and Pixy dust.