Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Magical Mr. Bear

First, read this post to catch up. Since that day at the Pink Shop, Mr. Bear has had many wonderful adventures.  He comes to the grocery store, preschool, church, and the library.  One night as we were going through the bed time routine we discovered Mr. Bear was missing.  After retracing our steps we were confident he had been left at the library.  So, as soon as the library opened the next day, we zoomed over to get him.  Josh and Halle had a blast making up stories about Mr. Bear's sleep over at the library. 

Sometime in Sept, the same thing happened.  Bed time came, and no Mr. Bear could be found.  We racked our brains, and hunted the house top to bottom.  But no luck, he was lost.  There were many sad nights, and days spent turning the toyroom upside down. 

About 1 week ago Halle comes charging through the door and shouts, "I have the most WONDERFUL news!"  (She had been on her first kindergarten field trip that day and I was sure she was bursting at the seams to talk about it). I said, "Tell me about your day!" She said, "No Mom, even BETTER NEWS.  I FOUND MR. BEAR."  What??? Had Mr. Bear magically made his way to the Children's Museum in Denver?  No, but he had ended up in the school's lost and found.  On her way to the bus, Halle had seen him sitting on the top shelf. As soon as Josh woke up from his nap we raced to the school to rescue him.  And there was much rejoicing. 

magical mr. bear

Blake's Surgery

On Dec 1st Blake had a little same day surgery.  He was born with something called Chordee, which basically means his little man part was crooked. And we all know crooked man parts are not a good thing ;).
The worst part was that I couldn't feed him before the surgery.  So we had to wake up at 5am, drive to Denver, and then sit around until 7:30.  But he was such a good boy--he was chewing on my fingers like crazy, but never got too upset.  They have a toy room for the little kids to play in, and it had a wagon. So I set him in the wagon and was pulling him around.  I look back at him, and he was totally zonked out, and had fallen flat on his face. I would have given anything for my camera at that moment.  Him in his little hospital gown, face planted asleep in a wagon.  So I picked him up and he just rested his little head on my shoulder until the nurse came to get him.  He was delirious, and when he saw the nurse in her funny scrub hat he just started to giggle.  And the anesthesiologist told me that in true Blake fashion, they put the mask on him to fall asleep and he conked out in mid giggle.  The surgery was a success, and the recovery not nearly as bad as one might imagine. 

The Nutcracker

The day of the Nutcracker was the self-proclaimed "best day" of Halle's life.  Here's why:

She was the Star of the Day in Kindergarten (very big deal)
We went to 7 Eleven after school for a treat (as is our Friday tradition)
She got to wear her new dress, get her hair curled, and wear a little bit of makeup.
We went out to dinner (Halle and I are alike in that way--we love to go out!)
We saw the Nutcracker and she heard the song she is performing in her ballet recital this weekend
We had "backstage passes" and got to go see the dancers warming up for the second 1/2, and even say "hi" to THE NUTCRACKER.  (swoon)
She got her picture taken with Clara
I bought her a Nutcracker of her very own.
nutcracker ballet

Thanks to my friend Amber, we got FREE tickets to the Colorado Ballet and took our girls for a fun night out.  I'm so glad I have a little girl to do stuff like this with!  We had a blast and hope to make it an annual tradition!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trim the Tree

This year I bought a little Christmas tree for the kids to put in their bedroom.  They LOVE it!  They got to pick out their own decorations, and as they make new little ornaments throughout the season they get to add them to their tree.  Thanks Anglea for the idea!


We also had the missionaries over to decorate the "Big" tree.  Everyone had fun, and we all ended up with scalded tongues from hot chocolate that was WAY TOO HOT.  Although you all must try making hot chocolate with Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa.  YUMMY. 

CIMG2921 CIMG2917

halle and blake

Half a year old

Blake turned 6 months on Thanksgiving day. He continues to be a little ray of sunshine, smiling and giggling at anyone who might glance in his general direction.  Halle was our screamer, Josh was our snuggler, and Blake is our giggler. He weighs a whopping 18 lbs 13 oz. All that weight must be in his cheeks, because in true male fashion, he has no bum.  Not even with a full diaper.  His nicknames included: Blakers, Blakey Boy, and Blake the Snake.  Sometimes shortened to just Snake.

Isn't it amazing that this:


turned into this:

Blake turns 6 months

Love you buddy!


Wow--I have about 100 things to post. I've been thinking about doing it for days, but I'm a little overwhelmed!  One step at a time Tara....

Let's start with Thanksgiving.  My parents were unexpectedly able to come out for Thanksgiving this year, and we were all so excited!  The day before they got there Halle said, "Mom, aren't you glad we don't have to spend Thankgiving all alone?"  And yes, I was indeed glad.  And Rusty was glad because I had been threatening Mimi's instead of a home cooked meal.

We did lots of fun things, but the highlight for the kids was that they got to stay in the hotel with Grandma and Grandpa.  They swam, made candy turkey's, watched movies, and ate delicious buffet breakfasts every morning. My kids LOVE LOVE hotels and there is nothing that makes them happier than a good bed bouncing.  We also got to go visit Santa at Macy's, see two reindeer, and go for a horse drawn carriage ride.  We are so glad Grandma and Grandpa made the trip!

Thanksgiving 2009 004 Thanksgiving 2009 015

 Thanksgiving 2009 010

Monday, November 30, 2009

Couldn't be Happier

I couldn't be happier, He couldn't be handsomer, I couldn't be that tune anyone?  (I changed a few words to fit my own agenda!)

I am pleased as punch to announce that BlogFrog is now a funded company. Rusty closed his first investment round on Nov. 30. This entrepreneurial ride just gets more exciting everyday.  BlogFrog is now an INC. Although I am sad to say that the worldwide headquarters of BlogFrog is no longer in my bedroom. Holly and Rusty are currently looking for an office in Boulder, and are temporarily working out of Confio.

I never thought I'd say this, but I am so sad to not have Rusty here everyday. I miss him, and the kids miss him!  No more lunches with Dad, no more leaving sleeping boys while I run an errand, no more adult conversation throughout the day...SIGH.  But even as sad as I am, I am way more excited and proud. Rusty works so hard, and I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER that he is really starting to see the payoff. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blake's First Haircut

I may or may not be shedding a few tears while writing this post. Rusty cut off Blake's adorable baby hair last night. Rusty thinks it was hair only a mother could love. Sure, it looked a little like a hair piece plopped down on his baby head, and he was almost bald underneath the long top locks, but I just loved it! It was his stand out feature. Rusty's been wanting to cut it almost since birth, and I finally conceded that it was time. So Rusty got out the clippers and went to work. Blake cried a tiny bit, in contrast to Josh who cried a LOT (not while we cut Blake's hair, but when we cut his hair). I have to admit Blake looks pretty cute (sorry my pics are not the best, he was very subdued after the  trauma :) but it makes him look so grown up. WHY DO BABIES GROW SO FAST????

Then this morning I came down to scoop up the little pile of hair and tie a little ribbon around it for his baby folder (I don't do books) and Rusty had thrown it in the garbage!  Luckily, it was a new liner and the hair was the only thing in it.  You better believe I pulled it out and saved it.  Was that going too far? 


before the first haircut


after cut edit


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Halle's 6th Birthday

Our little Halle girl turned 6. Wow--6 seems like such a big kid. We had a fun day with presents, playtime, wearing the school Birthday Glasses, and going to Chic-fil-a for dinner. For our Quarterly Relief Society Enrichment last month we did a Service Aution (SO FUN--if you want details, email me). I won a custom cake from my friend Reina. So, I used it for Halle's birthday and it turned out so so so cute, not to mention delicious! The next time you see Reina, tell her how awesome it was! She even custom made a dolphin out of chocolate because Halle loves dolphins.

For her birthday she got: Hello Kitty Slippers, Jump Start computer game, Barbie Clothes, Barbie with two dogs, and a tea set.

Here's some fun Halle Facts:
1. She NEVER gets tired. Like Never Ever. She goes to bed in the same state as she wakes up in the morning. It doesn't matter if she went to bed late the night before or had a long crazy day, she never acts tired. I'd steal that trait from her in a heartbeat!
2. She loves to be a helper. She loves to help me with the baby, or do certain household chores. She is so good to run and grab things for me, buckle Josh into his carseat, or play with Blake when he is fussy. I really, really appreciate that about her.
3. She is HAPPY. Many, many people comment to me on what a happy little girl she is, and I couldn't agree more. She just lights up every room she is in.
4. She loves stuffed animals. About 10 live in her bed at all times and she tucks them in every night. She also loves to play the computer and play barbies.
5. She loves to laugh. Most of the time this is cute and funny, but every now and again she has a "giggle fit" which can drive us up the wall.

We love you sweet Halle! Happy Birthday to our firstborn!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Josh Turns 3

My sweet baby Josh turned three!  Where has the time gone?  We had a fun day opening presents, playing with said presents, having a little preschool party, and then going to McDonalds for dinner.  Where he ended up stuck up in the top of the playplace, crying, like he always does.  I tried to talk him out of McDonalds but he insisted!  We of course had ice cream for dessert and sang Happy Birthday.  I seriously feel like he should still be a little baby, and always call him "my baby Josh."  He doesn't so much like that anymore and will stomp his foot and say, "Mom, I'm a BIG boy now."  Too bad are still my little guy.  Here's some facts about the birthday boy:

1. He's been a cuddler since the second he was born.  If you are having a bad day and need a good hug, Josh is your man.  He loves to cuddle up and pretend he's a puppy.  He also often wants either Rusty or I to crawl in bed with him until he falls asleep. (which never happens because as soon as you lay down with him he then wants you to play with him)

2. He is very polite.  Ever since he was tiny he always has said please and thank you.  And he has a "nice voice."  Which means he talks really high and whispery

3. He loves his big sister.  These two are the best little friends--they play together non-stop, and I appreciate that so much!

4. He loves to "drive" Rusty's car.  He gets in the drivers seat, pushes all the buttons, turns on the wipers, hazards, brights, you name it, he pushes it.  He keeps asking me if he is almost 16 so he can really drive. 

5. He loves the movie "Cars."  He would watch it 24 hours a day.  Good thing it's only at Grandma's house!

6. He is very attached to his 4 (no that is not a typo) blankets and his "Mr. Bear."

Here's my favorite Josh posts throughout this last year:

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silly preschool friends - Copy

Monday, November 2, 2009



We threw Halle and Josh a combined Halloween Birthday Party on Sat.  I went a little overboard, and we had 27 kids between the ages of 2-6 in our house, all dressed up in their costumes.  The kids had a blast running around and causing chaos.  We had hot dogs, banana “ghosts”, chips, and “witch punch” for lunch, and spooky cake pops for dessert.  We did a relay race where the kids had to wrap each other like mummies, walk like Frankenstein, and walk like a spider (i.e. crab wal k), and then we did a Black Cat (or scaredy cat, as Halle likes to call them) treasure hunt to find their goodie bags.  Thank heavens Sara, Brian, and Janice stayed to help me—their hands were greatly needed and appreciated!

Instead of everyone bringing gifts, we asked that each family bring an unwrapped toy to donate to some kids in need this Christmas.  I am amazed at everyone’s generosity—we have so many awesome toys and I am excited to let my kids share in this special experience.  Thanks everyone!!!

The carpet took a hit--someone tracked their cake pop all through the living room—but nothing Resolve and some time on my hands and knees couldn’t fix.  And poor poor Blake. As you might imagine, 27 kids can be a little loud.  Blake had the pants scared off him more than once by all those costumed kiddos.  All in all, everyone had a fun time, especially the birthday boy and girl.

party kidscake pops

Bakerella’s were cuter, but I tried!


They are saying "Happy Birthday Halle and Josh" just in case you couldn't understand the screaming!

Sweet little Spooks

Ok--so my kids weren't spooky at all, but they sure were cute!  Halle and Josh were a cowgirl and cowboy respectively, and little Blake was the cow.  Halle loved her pink cowgirl hat and Josh loved his gun.  I can't believe they had any energy left after their party, but they were gun-ho to go trick-or-treating, where, as usual, they got entirely too much candy.  Good times.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I’m Dreaming of a White……Halloween??

Yep, it snowed today.  And not just snowed—they’re predicting 12-18 inches on the ground by tomorrow night!  HOLY COW!  Here’s some pics. Poor, Poor trick-or-treaters. 



And speaking of Halloween, we decorated our annual Halloween sugar cookies this weekend.  This tradition stems back to when I was a little girl, and it’s just as fun now as it was then.  And I’m pretty sure I consumed about 20 of said cookies in about two days.  I really, really love them. CIMG2748 CIMG2744

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family Pics

Landon's girlfriend Megan is an amazing photographer and she took our family pics while we were in Utah. They turned out BEAUTIFULLY. So, all you Utah folks, go check out Megan's blog and her website to see more of her work and to book yourself a session! She also just did Kasey's cute pics.


hallie josh


taracouple (1) tarasfamily



On Being A Good Example

Our church practices fairly strict Sabbath Day observance.  No shopping, eating out, housework, playing with friends etc.  We try to listen to good music, and watch only uplifting TV/movies, if any at all.  It is a day set aside for church worship and family time.
But, last week my 1/2 marathon happened to fall on a Sunday.  Racing is something way out of the norm for a Sunday in our family. 
We were driving home from the race and Halle said, "Mom, today is Sunday right?" I replied, "Yes it is."  She said, "But we're not at church."  I hesitated in my reply b/c I was trying to think what I should tell her.  But really there was no good answer.  I had taught her that we attend church every Sunday, and here I was not "practicing what I preach." Before I could answer her she blurts out,
Talk about being put in my place.....and how right she is!  Thanks Halle for reminding me of what is really important. 


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


That's how many miles I ran on Sunday. Nat and I ran the Denver 1/2 Marathon and it was awesome! We started training about mid July, and in some ways it's hard to believe it's over. I loved the challenge of each week pushing your body to go farther and/or faster than you've ever gone before. It was also pretty amazing to run with 9500 other people who had been training for the same goal. For the weeks leading up to the race Blake decided to stop sleeping through the night and I got sick. So, at first I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to train as hard as I would have liked. And poor Nat caught Bronchitis just a few days before the race. But we both decided we would just do our best and enjoy ourselves. I think having a more relaxed attitude helped us have more fun, and in the end we both did just about as well as we could have hoped. Can't wait to run another one! sisters

If Nat looks a little pale in the pic, it’s because she is!  Bronchitis and running 13 miles is a little taxing on the respiratory system!
Carlie also came out for the weekend and it was great to get some sister time.  We went shopping, watched movies, and talked to our hearts content.  And Rusty sure was glad to have Carlie’s help with the kids at the race.  It wasn’t long enough, but it was so fun to have both my sisters here.

Pumpkin time

I just love the fall time! All the leaves, colors, and smells!  We’ve been able to do a few fun Fall activities in the past weeks.  Here are the highlights. 

Pumpkins in the snowHolly and Dave invited us to their annual pumpkin picking party.  Unfortunately the weather had different ideas. It was snowing that morning but we decided to go anyway. We bundled up and headed to the patch. Josh didn’t last more than 3 minutes before he was in tears because of the cold, but Halle had a good time.   After we picked our pumpkins we went back to Holly’s house and enjoyed delicious soups and fun conversation.  The kids got Halloween bubbles, which pretty much made their life complete.  Thanks Holly and Dave for a fun day! Halle in the pumpkin field carving jackolanterns

I love pictures of kids and pumpkinsThey are always just so darn cute! Nat and I took the kids to the Cottonwood Pumpkin Patch and let them run wild. They had a blast and I was not disappointed with my pumpkin patch pics. 

Mom and Blake arms around favorite kids in the patch

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chubby 4 month old

Blake is now 4 months (ok, so he's been 4 months for awhile now, and I kept meaning to post....). He is still a sweet little guy and we love having him in our family. There is something so special about having a baby in your home. He pretty much has all of us wrapped around his little finger. I thought I'd tell you a few things about this adorable boy.

1. He thinks it is hysterical when Halle burps. He laughs every time.
2. He is a CHOMPER. He always has something in his mouth, his favorites being his own fingers (which he often gags himself with) or someone else's fingers. Once Halle gave him her toe to suck on. G.R.O.S.S.
3. Along with all the chomping comes massive amounts of drool. It's really quite impressive.
4. Everyone says he looks like a little man. Or little old man. Someone told me he looked like Benjamin Button (I didn't think that was very nice). But I think he is quite the handsome little thing :)
5.He HATES to be alone. He will happily lay and play with his toys, or sit in his Bumbo as long as he can see someone. But the second we walk out of sight he starts to scream.
6. His favorite toy is paper. Or a wrapper. He LOVES it! Easy to chomp on, and makes cool noises--what could be better??

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blake's Blessing

Click on image to view larger

While we were in Utah, we had to opportunity to bless Blake at church in my parent's ward. I am so happy that we were able to come and have our family all around us on this special day. It is truly one of the highlights of being a mother to see your child surrounded by good, strong, faithful men who are and will continue to be great examples for my son to look to as he grows. Rusty's blessing was beautiful, and I feel so blessed to be the Mother to this very special little boy. Although, since church began at 9am, I was having a minor heart attack as everyone was running into the meeting just in the nick of time!

After the blessing we had a brunch at my parent's house. They just remodeled the whole upstairs and it looks so great. Sharon and my Mom were making fun of my zeal to prepare all the food the day before instead of just stopping by Costco or Kneaders to buy what we needed. But I held fast, and we had a few intense cooking hours, which I think really paid off. Everything was so yummy and it was nice to be able to sit and visit with friends and family that we don't get to see often enough! All in all, it was a perfect day. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!
Click here to learn a little more about baby blessings