Sunday, March 22, 2009

Disney on Ice!

We got to take the kids to Disney on Ice this weekend. The show was about the Incredible's trip to Disneyland. Both of the kids had a blast, and were mesmerized the whole time. Halle says her favorite part was when Snow White and Cinderella came out in the Disney Parade. Josh's favorite part was anything Micky Mouse. In one part Micky is kidnapped, and Josh about had a heart attack!

The other exciting news at our house is that Rusty is taking a 6 week "personal leave of absence" from Ball to see if he can make a go of TheBlogFrog. He's been talking to a lot of people/enterprenuers/venture capitalist and lots of people are really excited about his ideas. We are really excited to give it a go and just see what happens! His job has been so awesome, we couldn't ask for a better situation. So, hopefully everything just goes marvelously and he will be a full-time BlogFrog man by May or June. Wish us luck!

Thoughts on Turning 30

Not me, but the baby! I am 30 weeks--yipee! Next week brings single digits, which I always look forward to with great anticipation. I thought I'd share with you the greatest discovery that I have made this pregnancy--Motherhood Secret Fit Maternity pants. If you haven't tried them, you gotta! They are full panel pants, which I have NEVER EVER worn before, but they are the most comfortable things ever. Every preggo should have a pair.

I also had the very fortunate experience (dripping sarcasm here) of taking the 3 hour glucose tolerance test because I failed my 1 hour test. (meaning my blood sugar levels were too high) I "passed" the 3 hour test, but just barley. I was only 1 point away from being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So, I'm glad that I was under, but it still makes me a little nervous that I was so close. One of the side effects (is that the right term?) of gestational diabetes is BIG babies, and I'd really like to avoid having another 9 pounder if I can, so I've been trying to follow the diabetic diet. I have a Dr. appt in a few days and hopefully she'll be able to give me a little more guidance. But other than that things are great and we are excited for this little one to get here!