Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy One Month to Blake!

Happy One Month Birthday to Mr. Blake! He has been such a good baby so far. We had about 10 days of fussiness where we thought we might have another little Halle on our hands, but as soon as I cut ALL dairy and ALL chocolate (boo) from my diet he seems to be doing just fine. He has a tiny bit of reflux (I guess most babies probably do) that gives him a bit of trouble, but as long as we give him his gripe water regularly it is pretty under control. He is starting to focus on your face, and we even get a few darling grins every now and then. He loves to stare up at the ceiling fan, and he also really seems to like to stare up at Rusty's face. Blake still loves to be held while he sleeps, and if you stroke his hair he makes the cutest little cooing noises.

Ahh...peace and quiet

When my Mom and Dad left Colorado they took the kids with them for 10 days! What a wonderful gift to me. I have so enjoyed my time just relaxing and cuddling with Blake. I'm just holding him as much as my tired arms can stand, because I know once Halle and Josh get back our days of snuggling and lounging on the couch will be over. It's also been nice to spend more time with Rusty. We went to Bone Fish and got our favorite Bang Bang Shrimp, played tennis twice (once up at Chataqua--very cool), and went hiking in Boulder. We only remembered one part of the Baby Bjorn, so Rusty just held Blake the whole hike. It was pretty funny.
Although I have SO SO enjoyed my little break--I miss my kiddos! Halle told Grandma that she was sort of like her mom now. How easily I am replaced! I will eagerly welcome them with open arms when they get home on Tuesday. (Then probably be ready to send them back to Grandma's by the end of the week!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Cornell come for a visit

My mom flew out to meet baby Blake right after they got back from their trip to Maui. (Lucky ducks!) The kids were excited to have another visitor to entertain them. She took them to the park, played endless games with Halle, took them to the Children's museum, and of course spent a lot of time snuggling Blake. We all went to the pool one day, an experience I don't think I'll repeat anytime soon. Even with two adults watching, Josh almost managed to drown himself. He decided to go down the slide by himself, and LUCKILY Halle saw him do it and she jumped in the water and pulled him out. GOOD GRIEF.
Papa drove out a few days later and we had fun going to Bounce Town, and celebrating an early Father's Day with a big steak dinner. It was so nice to have the help with the kids and the cleaning and cooking. I told my mom that her and Sharon needed to divvy up the rest of the summer so someone was always with me.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy 29th Rusty!

We celebrated Rusty's 29th bday yesterday. It was so fun to have Grandma and Grandpa here to join in the festivities. It turned out to be a Blogfrog themed bday. Sharon and Alan found these cute little Frog shirts for Halle and Josh in Cabo San Lucas while they were at Kristin's wedding. And then Sharon found an adorable little frog outfit for Blake as well. They all looked adorable. Sharon made Rusty's favorite chicken and rice casserole for dinner, and Halle and I made peanut butter chocolate cupcakes. Yum Yum. We rounded out the evening by playing games--Mr. Mouth and Taboo. (Rust and I totally worked Sharon and Alan in Taboo:) Happy Birthday Rust! We sure do love you!

Blake's first week (give or take a few days!)

Coming Home Day May 28th, 2009

First Bath (after cord fell off) June 3rd, 2009 1 week old

"Look Mommy, that's where Blake lives" said Josh as soon as the hospital came in sight. And that's kind of what it's felt like the past week! Blake started turning REALLY yellow at about 6 days old and a blood test (by a dumb tech who I swear had never drawn blood on a baby before) confirmed he had jaundice. So, he had to have phototherapy under the billi-lights. NO FUN FOR ANYONE. We had to get his blood drawn daily at the hospital, and he HATED the lights. They have to be naked except for their diaper, and we all know that newborns love to be swaddled. As a result, every time he would move it would make him jump and he'd wake up. No one got much sleep for a few days. But we are glad to report that his levels are dropping and we no longer need the lights. (thank heaven!)
Grandpa and Grandma Banks came out last Sunday, and we were sure glad there were here. Halle and Josh loved having playmates and got to do so many fun things like go to the museum to see the Bulider exhibit (a Josh favorite), go see "Up" in 3D and painting fingernails (a Halle favorite) and eat GIANT slices of Pizza at Costco. It was so nice to have the help with the kids, especially because I had to take Blake to the Dr. so much. But the hit of the trip was Grandpa's Iphone. Rusty doesn't allow the kids to touch his Iphone, but Grandpa has all sorts of neat stuff on his. Puzzles, games, and the Gummy Bear song. Josh would mob Alan every time he came through the door begging to listen to Gummy Bear. We are so glad they got to come out and were sad to see them go!
Blake is a great baby--he just eats and sleeps. We hardly ever hear him cry (blood draws excluded). When he's hungry he just starts grunting and rooting around. It's pretty funny to watch. He loves to be snuggled, and sleeps best when someone is holding him. (Usually Mom or big Sister are glad to oblige)