Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We LOVE Fall!

Fall has got to be the best season. It's like the best of both worlds--there are still days you can pull out the shorts, and then other days you get to cozy up in a soft sweater. And the leaves.....who doesn't love the leaves!
Saturday happened to be a BEAUTIFUL fall day (80 degrees!) so we took the kids out to Anderson Farms. It's a little bit expensive for a pumpkin farm, but for a day's worth of entertainment it was worth it. The kids got to go on a tractor barrel ride, feed the bulls, walk around the pumpkin patch, and have a picnic lunch. I promised Halle she could get a special treat like cotton candy or something like that and she was so excited. Well, the dumb place only accepted cash, and I only had about 5 cents in my purse. She was devastated, and I felt so bad. But we went out and got a special treat later that day. Josh got to sit up on the big tractor, and he was in HEAVEN. I'll post the tractor video, which is the new favorite of the day. He loves his "dios" (videos) more than anything in the world!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Help me test the latest Blog Frog widget

Hi Everyone,
This is Rusty- I'm hijacking the family blog for some Blog Frog testing, hope you don't mind.

Lately I've found myself visiting someones blog and wanting to just say hi, or say something that didn't really relate to a blog post. Or I've stumbled upon an old friends blog and I would want to say "Just dropped in". The only place to do this was the comments- which seemed kind of out of place. If I want to just say hi, that's not really commenting on their blog post. Plus nobody reads any comments except for the poster and the author- so it didn't really feel like a friend conversation.

So the next Blog Frog social widget is the "Chat Wall". It's a place to just say hi without getting buried in the comments. I'm excited because it's the first widget that is interactive with the visitors.

I'm hoping to release this on TheBlogFrog tomorrow so give it a whirl and let me know what you think (the more honest the better). If for some reason it doesn't work let me know with a good 'ole fashioned comment.

Thanks for your help!!!