Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A dream come true

I scored a deal on Living Social, and was able to make one of Halle’s long time dreams come true.  Horseback riding lessons!  She took 4 lessons, and loved every minute of it.  She rode Dancer, and Chocolate, learned how to groom them, tack them, walk, turn circles, and even trot!  She had a wonderful time, and the boys and I were kept entertained seeing the baby foal, baby goats, chickens, the cat, and rabbits at the farm. 



Blake Sleeps

Blake is in the process of giving up his nap.  He REFUSES to sleep in his bed in the afternoon, but he’ll fall asleep almost anywhere else.  Here are some of the random, and funny, places I’ve found Blake sleeping:

Middle of the living room floor.  4 other kids running and screaming around him.

photo 1
In the car.  This is his FAVORITE place to snooze.  Doesn’t matter the time of day. 

photo 5
In my bed.  This is at 8:30 in the morning.  He wakes up around 6:30, and by 8:30 he’d already run himself ragged! 

photo 3
At the zoo.  We’d given the kids some cotton candy, and he zonked mid bite.

He had a stinky diaper he neglected to tell me about, so he had to sleep on his stomach.

photo (1)
This is at Josh’s preschool mother’s day party.  There were 14 crazy preschoolers, moms, and lots of noisy siblings running around.  He slept in the beanbag for over an hour. 

This one is my absolute favorite.  We’ve been packing up the house in preparation for the big move, and he fell asleep inside one of the packing boxes. I have never laughed so hard! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Halle’s poetry

These two poems totally capture Halle’s cute personality.  My favorite is “I wish.” 

I Wish
I wish I had a brown and light brown wiener dog.
I wish I could go outside without putting on sun screen.
I wish I had a Barbie whose head wouldn’t fall off.
I wish I could go to Hawaii and surf the waves.
I wish college was not so far away.

And this is the one she wrote for Mother’s Day:

If It Weren’t For You
If it weren’t for you mom, I would never have clothes.
If it weren’t for you mom, I would never get in trouble.
If it weren’t for you mom, I would have no dinner.
If it weren’t for you mom, there would be no one to take me on a date.
If it weren’t for you mom, we would get to do whatever we wanted to do.
But if it weren’t for you mom, I would have no one to love!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2nd grade Mentoring

I had the fun opportunity to be a Mentor in Halle’s class for a few weeks.  Basically, parents could pick whatever topic they wanted to teach the kids, plan some fun lessons and activities, and then the kids were able to sign up for whatever class interested them.  There were sports classes, science classes, vets, gardens, baking, etc.  I chose to do “Crafts for your American Girl Doll.”  I had 5 little girls in my group, and we had a blast making crafts for their dolls.  We made sleeping bags, tutu’s, tea sets, and duct tape dresses.  For one of our meetings we got to go on a field trip.  So, Jamie and I planned a cute little tea party, and the girls all brought their dolls to my house and had a fabulous tea party.  Good food, cute decorations, dolls…..what more could a girl want?  I’m so glad I did it!  I had a great time hanging out with Halle and her friends. 

photo 1photo 2
Grace, Halle, Berlynn, Anna, and Quinn


New Additions to our Family!

6 grandkids 3

We had so much fun going to Utah in March and visiting our new niece Gwen and our new nephew Leo.  We all loved snuggling on those sweet newborns!

DSC_0772cropJack and Leo 2DSC_0722blessing dayDSC_0768DSC_0966DSC_0037

Daddy Daughter dance

Here’s Halle and Rusty and the Annual Daddy Daughter Ball at Lifetime.  So fun!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Easter


Happy Easter Everyone!  I just wanted to post the declaration about our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is one of my favorites.  I had the opportunity to memorize it this year as part of my Personal Progress (Which I just finished), and it was an amazing experience. 

Blake 2cute kiddosHalleThe boys