Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin time

I just love the fall time! All the leaves, colors, and smells!  We’ve been able to do a few fun Fall activities in the past weeks.  Here are the highlights. 

Pumpkins in the snowHolly and Dave invited us to their annual pumpkin picking party.  Unfortunately the weather had different ideas. It was snowing that morning but we decided to go anyway. We bundled up and headed to the patch. Josh didn’t last more than 3 minutes before he was in tears because of the cold, but Halle had a good time.   After we picked our pumpkins we went back to Holly’s house and enjoyed delicious soups and fun conversation.  The kids got Halloween bubbles, which pretty much made their life complete.  Thanks Holly and Dave for a fun day! Halle in the pumpkin field carving jackolanterns

I love pictures of kids and pumpkinsThey are always just so darn cute! Nat and I took the kids to the Cottonwood Pumpkin Patch and let them run wild. They had a blast and I was not disappointed with my pumpkin patch pics. 

Mom and Blake arms around favorite kids in the patch


Mind Of Mindi said...

Your kids are just adorable!

Brianne said...

Great pumpkins!! We didn't get a chance to carve pumpkins this year. It is my husbands job but we have been busy every weekend!

Brandon Dansie said...

One piece of advise. Move to St George. Then your kids could pick pumpkins all day long without getting cold. I'm just saying!!