Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas in Utah

kid in Christmas Clothes collage

Well, Christmas is all one big blur to me due to extreme lack of sleep.  Blake had a double ear infection, strep throat, and I think a little bit of swine flu.  Needless to say, it was a miserable first Christmas for the little guy--we spent most of Christmas Eve in the Urgent Care.  As the details are a little fuzzy I'll just hit the highlights and then drown you in pictures.  But first, as Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus and his love for us, I wanted to tell you how I've felt his presence in my life this year.  As many of you know, being the mother to young kids is not an easy job.  I spent the first part of this year pregnant, which we all know I STRONGLY dislike, and the second half of the year caring for a newborn, which is a wonderful, tired, happy, emotional time.  At the beginning of the pregnancy I prayed and prayed that I would not be so sick this time around.  But I was.  And as I cared for my three tiny, energetic kids, I prayed I would not be tired.  But I was. But ALWAYS, without fail, whenever I was at my ropes end, either thought, "If I throw up one more time I will die, " or later, "If these kids don't behave I am going to sell them to the gypsies" I was always granted respite.  I would have 24 throw-up free hours, or my kids would play quietly while the baby napped, giving me enough time to recover for the next go around.  I know this was my Savior's hand in my life.  No big miracles occurred in our house, but we felt his love in little ways every day of the year.  As as I learned to recognize all these small and seemingly insignificant events I realized they add up to all the really big and important things Jesus is helping me to learn.  And I love him for it.   Merry Christmas Everyone!

Blake's First Christmas collage

The FIRST EVER Banks family pictures, taken by the lovely Megan.  (I'll post them soon!)

A very exciting Banks Christmas Party with all 10 grandkids who are 6 and under.  Chaos ruled the day, but everyone had a wonderful time. Here's the Nativity

nativity collage

We also spent a perfectly peaceful Christmas Eve with just our family and Grandma and Grandpa Banks.  The night was made complete with steak, crab legs, and Christmas Bingo. 

Hanging out with the Cornell Clan.  We went to dinner and a movie, were entertained by all the dogs, their tricks, and their new Christmas clothes.  We went to the pool with the Bird fam, and Jack and Blake explored who could poke and prod eyeballs, grab hair, and pinch the best.

Halle sang "The Nativity Song" All by herself on Christmas Eve more Christmas collage

Sledding and building a snowman with Grandpa Cornell and Dad.  Another day Grandpa Banks tied a rope to his truck and pulled the kids up and down the snowy streets on a sled.  According to Halle it was "Awesome!"

sledding collage

Going to the Children's museum in SLC on a "grand adventure." We tried to take Trax, but it wasn't running on New Year's Day, so we hopped back in the cars.  We had 6 kids with us, so this was no easy task. But the museum was so much fun it was worth all the hassle!

Christmas morning collage


Adrienne said...

Thanks for the reminder that somehow we survive even when we think were going down with the ship. So sad that little Blake was so sick. Looks like you had some great visiting anyway though. Your amazing and your family is so cute.

Hiatts said...

I am with Adrienne. Thanks for the reminder! Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas!

Carlie said...

And we miss you!!! Loved the pictures and the highlights. Hope you guys are all settled back into the normal routine, and that you are recovering nicely. Love you!

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings about this year with motherhood... and I share some of your angst. You are still one of the most creative and energetic friends I have! I can't compete. Love ya!

Ryan Carrie Emma Riley Max Brody said...

Thanks for the great reminder, it's so easy to get bogged down and forget our many "little" blessings:) It looks like you guys had a fun time (minus poor Blake being sick!)

Jami and Scott said...

Well put Tara. I heartily understand, and I only have one kid! You must be superwoman!

Atwoods said...

very eloquently put, tara. something i definitely needed to hear :) hope you are all well & healthy again. your kids are beautiful!