Friday, September 7, 2012

Dip in a fountain

Remember this picturesque, serene pond at the Conservatory Gardens? 
2012-07-29 18.40.50

Well, leave it to Blake to spoil the mood.  The kids were enjoying the beautiful flowers, and loving looking at the giant goldfish swimming peacefully in the pond.  Blake was making his way around the edge, when all of the sudden we heard a giant SPLASH.  And then Blake was nowhere to be seen.  Rusty (who was only a few feet away) reached into the pond and pulled out a screaming, soaking wet Blake.  It reminded me of that scene in Tarzan where they all scream, “IT’S a PIRANAH!”  Poor Baby was pretty traumatized.  We stripped all his clothes off, and luckily I had an extra diaper.  So, he got to ride home in the stroller and on the bus in only his diaper. 
2012-07-29 18.51.58 2012-07-29 19.23.33

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