Sunday, June 10, 2012

Apple Store

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Kids today certainly live in a different kind of world.  They have only ever known a world where iphones, ipads, and a myriad of other technology exist.  They are not in awe or amazement over these things. I actually think it is hard to awe them in general.  We were hanging out on 5th avenue, making our way to FAO Schwarz, and we walked past the Apple Store.  IT IS AMAZING! It’s a huge glass cube situated over an underground building.  There are floating glass stairs, or a glass elevator that descends down into the store.  Then, it’s just like any other apple store, but they even had a special kids section with mini tables, and ipads filled with kids games.  The kids were not amazed by the building, but they sure did love the ipads :)
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Then it was off the FAO Schwarz and the Big Piano.  I like this toy store MUCH better than Toys R Us in Times Square.  They all got to pick a toy, and then go for a spin on the big piano.  For a mere $250,000 you too can have a Big Piano of your very own!

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Kristy said...

Tara....I'm loving all your posts, what a fun and exciting adventure. Tell the kids hi from Natalie!

Kasey said...

I just read all your New York posts. Looks fun! I've packed my bags and I'll be there tomorrow. Ask Halle if we can share a bed.