Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hanging up my shirt (for now)

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After 5ish years of teaching group fitness classes and personal training, I am hanging up my shirt and devoting myself to the ranks of full-time mommyhood.  Even though I was only working a few hours a week there at the end, the combination of me working, traveling husband, Young Women, and 3 kiddos was enough to make life feel very hectic.  In an attempt to find more peace and balance in my life, I decided it would be best to put this on hold for a little while.  I hope to go back someday when I have a little more time and energy.  I will certainly miss it, as some days, going to work was my saving grace, but I know this is the right choice for me and for my family.  The Erie Community Center has been such a fun, motivating place to work and I am so glad for all the opportunities I’ve been given there.  So for now…..sayonara to the fitness field, and hello cleaner house!  (one can only hope)

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Kasey said...

That is awesome! Working is a bit overrated (I only work 6 hours a week, so I'm not complaining). I'm probably more excited about your life change than you are.