Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fathers and Sons campout

Rusty took Josh on the annual church Fathers and Sons Campout.  Josh was a little sad to leave Halle and he was crying.  Halle went upstairs, came down with her favorite blanket, and a picture of herself, and tucked them into Josh’s backpack.  She said, “Josh, now you can remember me always.”  It was so so sweet, and cheered Josh right up.  The boys had a grand time roasting hot dogs, eating treats, and sleeping in the tent.  Well, Josh had a great time sleeping in the tent.  Rusty had a great time listening to Josh snore all night long.  Then they made the traditional stop at the Boulder Waterfall on the wall home.  Good times!IMG_0221 IMG_0225 IMG_0234 IMG_0241

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Adrienne said...

So cute. Halle is such a good sister! My boys are never sad when they leave poor mom and Sadie here alone. We are the sad ones.