Monday, May 10, 2010

Rusty's funny Mother's Day Story

Read it HERE.

I was totally impressed with his dinner--it was delicious. I was spoiled all day long with breakfast in bed, a new printer, a blender, and headphones for my ipod! It was like Christmas. But, the highlight of the day for me is always the cards from the kids.

Here's Josh's. He told me that it is a dungeon and I am trapped inside with an Ogre.
Josh also gave his first talk Primary yesterday, and he did such a great job. He gave a very sweet talk on all the ways we can help and love our Mommies.

Halle's card had many pages, but this one was my favorite:

I am a lucky Mommy!


Carrie said...

so funny! way to be resourceful Rusty!!! I'm glad you had a great moms day:)

Three Men and a Lady said...

CUTE! Your kids (and you of course) are adorable. And, yes, I'm BARELY surviving with 3 kids... why the heck is one more so much harder?!

The Cardon's said...

So cute!! Xander always tells me how fat my tummy is! Sure wish he'd say I weighed 20 lbs! Can't wait for this babe to come out! Maybe then he will see me a little different! Your kids are so adorible!!!

Jami and Scott said...

How thoughtful of Josh to lock you in with an Ogre :) Also, does that say "My mom weighs 20 pounds"? You need a few doughnuts Tara :)!