Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blake turns 3 months

Blake Laughing from Tara Banks on Vimeo.

Our little Blake is 3 months old! I know it's cliche, but my how time flies. He is a little sweetie and his best attribute is that he SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT! He's been doing it for about 2 weeks and he goes most nights from 8pm-6am. And it is WONDERFUL.

Blake is also just giving us his first little laughs, and starting to talk up a storm. He has the softest little cooing noises--I just love to listen to him. Anyone who knew Halle as a baby knows that soft noises are a welcome change.
He is also starting to bat at toys and make the first attempts to grab things (like my hair). He's a great baby who has really learned to go with the flow and put up with a lot from his siblings.

When he was first born I was sure he was a little Josh look-a-like, but now that he's a bit older, I think he has more Halle in him. What do you think?

Love you sweet boy!


Ralph said...

Blake is so cute, just as cute as the others. He is really changing. Susan keeps wanting to just pop in for a day to see the kids. You may see us just show up unexpectedly.
See you in 3 weeks. Your blogs are great. Luv em!

Jess said...

Love the laughing video. We tickle Ollie in that same spot to get him laughing too!

Carlie said...

I love him so much! I can see a lot of Halle in him, but then some of Josh too. He is a good mix...and so FAT! I love it! Oh, and I'll pass along the message to Danny about coming to work for you...although, I think he is starting to get sick of me asking him to do "small" projects.... ;)

Adrienne said...

He is completely darling! Love it.

Sharon said...

No! No! Stop the clock! This can't be my grandson who is laughing and smiling and responding to you.
I want you to make time stand still until I see you in Sept. I hate missing out on this part of his life.

This video was just too adorable. I think I've played it over and over, possibly ten times. It made me laugh and even get a little teary eyed. So, I will begin looking for houses in Utah this week. If Rusty can work at home in Colorado, he can work at home in Utah!

Love to all, Granny B.

Hen Jen said...

your kids are all adorable, oh my word!!